Kesht chin is a handful of nature

Kesht Chin is an Iranian food company that was founded in 1992 by the Great Beik Mohammad Zadeh, a family with a 50 year old expertise in food producing and packaging. The factory is located on a land over than 8000 meter square near Hashtgerd city in Alborz Province.
It started with packaging natural honey in a wide range of jars and in 1996 established the new phase of production by launching new lines of producing natural fruit jam.
As the quality became outstanding the number of the customers inside the country rose and the flavors increased to 12 in 4 different packages.
Now after more than 25 years various jam and honey packaging made us one the most powerful producers in the whole country, introducing:
20-25 gr in plastic cups mostly used in hotels and aircrafts.
Jars with 150-280-300-830 gr capacity
100-200 gr in PS cups
Research and development group in Kesht Chin is constantly trying to expand the flavors and the quality that serves our customers the best.
Our features:
The most advanced European technology used in our machinery system.
Fresh fruit and ingredients directly from farms.
No added flavor- No added preservatives or colors
Using the knowledge and 25 years of experience in food processing.
The best producer of agricultural processing industries in 2005
The best fruit jam producer the year in 2009 (Food and Drug Administration )
The best producer of The Institute of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran 2010The best producer of fruit jam in Alborz province ( Iran ) 2018

Discover our products

Single serve 20&25 gr – Jam in ps cup


Bucket jam 5&12 kg

Tomato paste

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